Self-Assembly Swedish Crime Thriller!! – Presented by Lipservice Theatre

Inspector Norse – Wed 13th & Thu 14th February – 7:30pm

Inspector Norse

or (The Girl With Two Screws Left Over)

Cast off your preconceptions of Nordic Noir as the cast weaves a web of mystery leaving you in stitches! By the way the set is partly knitted.

Stage is set in a bitter midwinter, with ex-popstar recluse Freya looking out of her cabin at the rural winter scene. Smiling, she turns back to her meatballs, but who is the stranger striding across the frozen wastes? carrying a chisel and wearing a fur hat. Days later a man is found dead in a barn nearby with a bizarre message carved on his forehead.

Inspector Sandra Larsson enters in her authentic, rustic knitwear, with her own personal life unravelling before your eyes, it is up to her to follow the pattern of a mystery with many holes.

“A thrilling yarn” sure to give you many laughs and entertainment. Presented on the 13th and 14th February at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, not to be missed!

Inspector Norse presented by Lipservice in Keswick

Theatre by the Lake, Keswick


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