The Parson’s Pirates – presented by Opera Della Luna

The Parson’s Pirates – Mon 11th & Tue 12th February – 7:30pm


(Including a full performance of THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE)

Opera Della Luna will be presenting this play at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. Established in 1994 they have quickly established themselves as a highly original and innovative ensemble of comedians and singers.

You will have a riotous evening of comedy, glittering costumes, exceptional singing and the delightful music from Gilbert & Sullivan.

The Reverend Bender and his intrepid band of thespians take to the road again with the fastest, and frothiest performance of The Pirates of Penzance that you will ever see.

You will not want to miss this comedy play as it is only showing in Keswick for the 2 nights listed above. Make sure you either book your tickets, otherwise arrive very early as they are expecting a sell-out.

The Parson's Pirates - An evening of Gilbert & Sullivan at the Theatre by the Lake  - Keswick

Theatre by the Lake, Keswick


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