Christmas Lights in Market Square – Keswick

Moot Hall makes a great site for attaching Christmas Lights – Keswick

Finally I have managed to get a picture of the Christmas Lights in Market Square in Keswick. Plagued by drizzle on the lens over the past few weeks, causing the pictures to blur, scaffolding or the market tents obstructing the views, today was my lucky day as I was able to get the picture on a dry evening with minimal obstructions.
This year Keswick has put more effort into their lights, not that they haven’t in the past, but in the past the lights had been removed for days on end whilst trying to replace bulbs that blew, leaving gaps which spoilt the effect. Well done.
Moot Hall with Christmas lights and Tree in Market Square

Christmas Lights – Festive feeling improving!

Cottage Holiday Group wishes you a happy and festive build up to Christmas 2012, have you seen our Christmas countdown clock, come count down with us!!


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