Elterwater to Skelwith Bridge Walk


Elterwater View in the Langdale area of the Lake District

Picture taken about midway between Elterwater and Skelwith Bridge – A walk that is easy, for the whole family and wheelchair friendly.

This walk would take ou about 30-45 minutes depending on your pace. Starting at Elterwater you will follow the river on your right hand side eventually walking through a gate to the spot above in the picture. This is Elterwater and you would normally come across at leat a few ducks which you can feed, and if you are lucky you will see the swans as well, however do be careful if you decide to feed them as they will keeping approaching you until they are on top of you.

Elterwater feeding area for ducks and swans
Balcony patio seating area at Chesters tearoom

Continuing along this path you will come out in Skelwith Bridge, there is a nice tea room here with a balcony which you can sit on an overlooks the river below. Sometimes there will be some robin, quite tame and will pick up te crumbs from the floor or tables. Being dog-friendly this is a little gem and can be used as a midway stop for either lunch or some tea and cakes. Also in the area is a slate workshop and you can see or order slate for all purposes, such as nameplates etc.

Just before you pass through the slate workshop area you will have passed a waterfall, there are steps and metal bridges you can use to get up close and personal. Do be careful as this can be slippery, but is well worth the stop to feel the power of the water. It is also extremely loud when up close and personal with the waterfall.

You can then just retrace your steps and if thirsty or still hungry, you can stop at the hotel here for some local ales, beers or a plate of chips, everyone’s favourite. A nice simple easy walk that gives you a real taste of Cumbria scenery. Location is Langdale area, which has some really nice cottages in the area with access to the more challenging walks in this area, like the Langdale Pike.

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